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Ecclesiastical Endorsement Process

All new, returning, and continuing students must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from their current bishop or the university chaplain. The endorsement must be renewed annually in order to continue enrollment at BYU–Hawaii.

New or Returning Students

For information about obtaining an ecclesiastical endorsement, contact Admissions at or (808) 675-3538.

Continuing Students

  1. Initiate the ecclesiastical endorsement renewal process at by completing the following steps:
    1. Select "Student."
    2. Select "Continuing/Currently Enrolled."
    3. Select "I am currently enrolled at BYU–Hawaii."
  2. Sign in using your church account username and password to link your BYU–Hawaii student account with your church account. To do this:
    1. Select “Use this Account” acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Use. Return to
    2. If the accounts are not linked, select “Go to Account Linking.”
    3. Select “Link a BYU–Hawaii Account” and sign in with your BYU–Hawaii credentials.
    4. After the accounts are linked, refresh or reload the endorsement webpage.
  3. Review and commit to live the CES Honor Code.
  4. Confirm the church unit name where you are assigned to attend is correct, then continue to complete the endorsement request.
  5. Meet with your Winter 2024 Semester bishop or the university chaplain to obtain an endorsement before April 1.
  6. After your ecclesiastical endorsement status is “cleared” by the Ecclesiastical Clearance Office (ECO), the Office of Honor will remove the bishop’s endorsement hold in your student account.

For more questions, bishops can go to the Church's endorsement page.